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The BEST designed 
humidity controller for HUMIDORS

Best Cigar Storage De-Humidifier


Full data logging capability


Built-in Water Purification System


Accurate Humidity control to +/- 1 %

Easy Maintenance

.Automatic Self-cleaning.

Breath Easy

No sediment to dispose of or foul the system.

Interfacing Benefits

Interfaces directly with building management systems.


  • Humidifies using electronic dispersion of water molecules

  • No added heat load to the Humidor or facilities Air Conditioning system

  • USES ONLY 250 watts-120 times less than conventional systems

  • USES ONLY 250 watts-ONLY while actually humidifying

  • Infinite ducting options - Built for inside or outside Humidor

  • Minimum Reliability of 50,000 hours of humidification time

  • Network, WIFI, and Bluetooth, Remote Control Enabled

  • Interfaces directly with building management systems

  • Small footprint-compact size: 24"H x 24"W x 14"D

  • No sediment to dispose of or foul the system

  • No high temperatures - No High Pressures

  • Accurate Humidity control to +/- 2 %

  • Built-in Water Purification System

  • Industrial Grade Stainless Steel

  • Plugs into simple 115VAC outlet

  • Costs pennies a day to operate

  • Broadcast alert/alarm system

  • Full Data Logging capability

  • Automatic Self Cleaning

  • Floor and wall models

  • Only 4 moving parts

  • Operates silently

  • Alarms

  • High level alarm and shutoff

  • Low level alarm and shutoff

  • Out of tolerance of humidity alert

  • Routine service alert

  • Alarm service alert by email

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Custom Alerts

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